Volume 5, Issue 1, May 2024

eISSN : 2735-0703


1. An Integer Linear Programming Approach to the Travelling Salesman Problem for Optimizing Self-Drive Tourist Routes in Kuala Lumpur
DOI : 

Noorezatty Mohd Yusop
Country of Authors : Malaysia

pp. 1-9
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2. Forecasting CO2 Emissions in Malaysia using Group Method of Data Handling

DOI : 10.24191/mij.v5i1.890

Fatin Farazh Ya’acob

Country of Authors : Malaysia
pp. 10-20
Email of corresponding author : fatinfarazh@uitm.edu.my

3. An Illustration of Bilah Keris Luk 7 using Bezier Cubic Curve and Cubic Polynomial Curve
DOI: 10.24191/mij.v5i1.937
Masnira Ramli
Country of Authors : Malaysia

pp. 21-33
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4. Optimizing Procurement System Using Nielsen’s Heuristics 
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v5i1.1321

Siti Nurul Hayatie Ishak
Country of Authors : Malaysia

pp. 34-44
Email of corresponding author : sitinurul@uitm.edu.my

5. Comparative Study of the Selection of the Best Contractor Using Fuzzy Weak Autocatalytic Set and Analytic Hierarchy Process
DOI : 

Siti Salwana Mamat
Country of Authors : Malaysia

pp. 45-57
Email of corresponding author : sitisalwana@uitm.edu.my

6. The Impact of Predator Attack Behaviour on Interactions in Two Prey and One-Predator Systems 
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v5i1.891

Zati Iwani Abdul Manaf
Country of Authors : Malaysia

pp. 58-71
Email of corresponding author : zati431@uitm.edu.my

7. Determinants of Smartphone Prices using Backward Elimination Technique in Multiple Linear Regression  
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v5i1.1358

Sarah Yusoff
Country of Authors : Malaysia

pp. 72-82
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8. Eccentric Connectivity Index of the Non-Commuting Graph Associated to the Dihedral Groups of Order at Most 12
DOI : 10.24191/mij.v5i1.881 

Nur Idayu binti Alimon
Country of Authors : Malaysia

pp. 83-91
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9. Efficiency of Malaysian Life Insurance Company Using Two-stage DEA Method 
DOI :  10.24191/mij.v5i1.974

Nur Rasyida Mohd Rashid
Country of Authors : Malaysia

pp. 92-102
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10. An Evaluation of Online Food Delivery Application Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process  
DOI :  10.24191/mij.v5i1.1392

Nur Solihah Khadhiah Abdullah
Country of Authors : Malaysia

pp. 103-114
Email of corresponding author :